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Forum - SCHÜLER GEGEN MOBBING :: Thema anzeigen - Ihr seid nicht alleine

Ihr seid nicht alleine

Dieses Forum ist gesperrt, du kannst keine Beiträge editieren, schreiben oder beantworten.   Dieses Thema ist gesperrt, du kannst keine Beiträge editieren oder beantworten.    Forum - SCHÜLER GEGEN MOBBING Foren-Übersicht -> Gästebuch

Bloggo Antworten mit Zitat

Anmeldedatum: Feb 19, 2016
Beiträge: 1

BeitragVerfasst am: Fr Feb 19, 2016 10:17 am    Titel: Ihr seid nicht alleine
Hallo liebe Leute,

gibt niemals auf. Euer Tag wird kommen.



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chensolo Antworten mit Zitat

Anmeldedatum: Aug 22, 2017
Beiträge: 41

BeitragVerfasst am: Di Aug 22, 2017 7:16 am    Titel: SALE
You have ever thought that the spring is full of cold after the baptism of the heroic, that the beauty of the autumn is to accept the crystallization of the heat after melting. Looking back, in fact, our life is also true Do not experience some of the ideal and struggle of the bones of cold, how can the harvest of the nostalgia? Ideal. Is the first layer of the realm, like a tree, but it is only just a seed. The gloss of life needs to be modified, it gives the brightest light of life. With it, we will adhere to the road belonging to our own farther and farther, ideal, can be a lifetime of ideals, a stage of the ideal, a year of ideals. But the ideal is also very small, even a month, day, hour, a minute of the ideal can ignite your heart the most beautiful fire of the stars, so wash away the vast expanse of dust, all the way forward. How the spring flowers bloom gorgeous, how the summer stars flashing Yinhui, the road of life, how to sail, attracted a poetic to Bi Xiao? I think the answer is very simple - that is, so that the heart can grow into a tree 'seed' landing, take root, germination. Struggle is the second layer of the realm. Big trees and then large, it also needs to grow the process. Youth itself, is a bright and dazzling vocabulary, is in such a brilliant old age under us. Young heart can not help but also look forward to a lot, yes ah, who is not eager to become their helmsman, lead the life of the boat into another vast sky? From the students who concentrate on reading literacy literally become a rush of office workers, we crossed the adult dividing line, the most gorgeous chapter of life from here quietly staged. Bent on flying out of the wing of the parents, fighting their own heavy Xiao nine days, after all, my youth, by our own master! And just loudly shouting slogans, desperate to leave the greenhouse, the face of boundless heaven and earth, we are confused, whether the Cheap Nike Shoes calm: my youth, how do I call the shots? In life, everyone will encounter unhappy things, suffer setbacks, misunderstanding, criticism and Nike Kobe Bryant Shoes Sale so on. At that Nike Air Presto Mens Shoes time the feeling is undoubtedly an insurmountable obstacle. But this is not growing ups and downs, the growth of trees is the need for sunshine with nutrients. When necessary, please generous your confidence and courage. Remember: the flowers in the greenhouse is long, but the bones are always free from the fragrance of the people. Harvest, is the third layer of the realm: the autumn came, our trees will really grow up. Its growth reflects a shining road of life. And whether the 'tree' is tall and straight, foliage, and even opened the flowers, the fruit of the fruit. Do not say that the final harvest of this tree is Cheap Nike Shoes Online equivalent to its past pay. As long as it is harvest, it is already a result. As life, success, then harvest flowers and applause, failed, they harvest a lesson, how many lessons, and then from scratch again. As long as we use the dedication to break the fate of the yoke, with confidence and courage to light life. Planted the ideal, unremitting struggle, I believe that there will be 'goose greedy heart to go, the mountain good month' of the day, I believe there will be harvest! Past songs, in the journey of life, despite the ups and downs, have regret, but did not Authentic Kids Nike Shoes lose the beauty of youth. Believe in yourself, hope always have, let us remember that sentence: missed the sun, I do not cry, otherwise, I will miss the moon and stars. So Womens Nike Free Shoes let's get together!Insist on for what? Everyone is clamoring you just look very hard, everyone shouting hoarse life not only in front of the eyes, everyone is trying to find a want life, so in this way hard ahead. So why should we work hard?A wave more than a wave of strong, do not be beaten on the beach after the waves. After the Discount Nike Womens Shoes waves push the waves, a wave more than a wave of strong. Competition society, fight is who is more capable, who is more in the community neutral place. Everyone to survive the survival of the fittest, you do not fight do not grab not to work hard, the result can only be rotated in situ, so he can only look high above others light. We have heard such a passage, the world's most terrible is not someone better than you, but better than you are still working hard, then why do not you want to fight this. Never afraid of late, fear of life is mediocre. His child hit my child 1, the arrogant opening that no one on the one hand you lose ten thousand, I have enough qualified to come up with fifty thousand or even 100,000 let the children back.
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rainahuang Antworten mit Zitat

Anmeldedatum: Aug 18, 2017
Beiträge: 444

BeitragVerfasst am: Sa Aug 26, 2017 8:09 am    Titel:
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chensolo Antworten mit Zitat

Anmeldedatum: Aug 22, 2017
Beiträge: 41

BeitragVerfasst am: Sa Sep 02, 2017 4:13 am    Titel:
When we are bumpy, we may be grateful, it allows us to understand the meaning of life, it allows us to taste the taste of life, it makes us through the Nike Men Shoes 1 FUSE Hot Sale bitter music, it makes us sharpen the tough character, it allows us to accumulate Lessons learned. The sun always in the storm, the miracle always in the doom, we often in the ups and downs of the world to see the most beautiful scenery, not Nike Shox Womens Shoes back down, do not give up, bumps will make our lives become more colorful, bumpy to our Will become more perseverance, bumpy so that we become more mature, more wise, more heroic, more exciting, more courage to go forward. When we are bumpy, we may realize that success is born in the Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes ups and downs, we can not conceal the traces of rough, can not ignore the ups and downs of the existence. A lot of time, rough is not terrible, terrible is not indifferent mentality, no courage to face, no victory over the wisdom, not even stand up and perseverance. How many ups and downs encountered luck, can walk through the ups and downs will be able to save our often is their own. Let us enjoy Cheap Nike Shoes Sale the ups and downs of the process, the harvest of the bumpy cocoon, the pain of calm, calm some, calm some, calm some, rough what is considered, big deal from scratch again!Weeds I am a grass, a weed, tough but not cold.Friends began to laugh at me, how do Cheap Nike Shoes For Women you change such a personalized signature ah?Womens Air Max Say it is grass, or weeds. I just answered them because I liked, like the grass strong, like her up the kind of spirit. No flowers, no tree height, I am a no one knows the Air Jordan 11 grass, never lonely, never worry, will passers-by smile, the sun will be the public father, although I am small, but the same unique. In this world full of unknown, no one will win the love of many people at the same time. However, different ideas will bring different conclusions. They told me that the wind mother did not like me, because she felt the grass is too fragile, too ignorant, too naive, and therefore will come from time Authentic Kids Nike Shoes to time to attack, there is no sign, no one will come to notice, as suddenly. I began to cry, in the heart really do not want to hate, I hope everyone likes, but then I laughed, because I know the wind is like my mother, because I am fragile, so she will worry about this I Can not afford to wind and sun, can not afford any hardships. After the storm will appear rainbow, I am beautiful to enjoy the beauty and warmth, after a moment the sun father gave me such a story, in ancient times when a person, he caught a fish, happily brought home, ready to eat But he thought of a way, he put the fish into a basin, in the basin below with the wood, when the piece of wood, then he was afraid of dare not kill the fish, he was born smart, Fish leisurely in the inside of the swimming when he put the fire point, and slowly increase the water temperature, which the fish did not have any awareness, when the water temperature reaches a certain temperature when the fish will slowly die, so he succeeded Killed the Cheap Nike Dunk SB Mens Shoes fish.
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rainahuang Antworten mit Zitat

Anmeldedatum: Aug 18, 2017
Beiträge: 444

BeitragVerfasst am: Fr Sep 08, 2017 3:54 am    Titel:
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Lightly clean your Nike Shoes Online Stroe purse once a month, or more often if you carry it in a dirty environment. You can use a baby wipe to lightly wipe the surface. There are also leather wipes available. You do not want to get your Coach leather handbag wet so do not use a wet cloth to clean it. coach crossbody bags on sale michael kors outlet
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rainahuang Antworten mit Zitat

Anmeldedatum: Aug 18, 2017
Beiträge: 444

BeitragVerfasst am: Fr Nov 10, 2017 8:47 am    Titel:
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